I am using ionic framework and I am showing badge notifications following this article https://ionicframework.com/docs/native/badge/

I first installed the app (in IOS), calculated badges and closed the app. Now badges are still there on app icon. Now when I delete the app and reinstalled it, same number of badges are showing up, over the icon. I don't want this thing to happen.

I have read that it takes 1 day to get the app data cleaned up after deletion.

I have followed many solutions to remove device memory for the app when we delete it, this is from within the ios device, but I need a solution from coding perspective. Is there any way I can add some thing on config.xml or install any package that remove app data instantly when we delete the app in IOS?

I have following these articles, but nothing working.

ionic set badge after push notification

iOS reinstalling app does not clear badges



there's a cordova plugin which handles badge staus on app icon.

Cordova Badge Plugin


hope you'd get a hint from this plugin. thanks

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