I would like to implement a Java application that can download a new version (.jar file) from a given URL, and then update itself at runtime.

We retrieve the versions available on the internet We compare them with the current version If the current version is newer, a message is displayed telling the user that there is no update possible Otherwise, the user is informed of the possible versions and given the choice when to download. If he wants to download one, download the one he chooses Then we restart the program The program at startup must see if there is a new version, and if necessary, take it ==> use a launcher

What is the best way to do this and is it possible?

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Take a look at Getdown. This solution precisely addresses your problem. The docs say:

(GetDown) is a system for deploying Java applications to end-user computers, as well as keeping those applications up to date.

Don't bother with Java Webstart as since java 11 it will no longer be available.

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