I have a WSDL created by a BPM tool and it has username, password, and an business specific input. I tried calling that web service from SOAP UI. It prompted me for all the three inputs and I was able to call the WSDL successfully.

In Blue prism when I tried the same, it doesn't recognize my WSDL inputs and outputs. I confirmed it by checking the "Importing web service definitions" screen and by checking the inputs outputs in the "Action" stage.

When I tried creating a web service from the same Blue prism instance and tried calling in the same Blue prism environment, this issue didn't occur. I checked the WSDL of BPM and WSDL of Blue prism and both seems to be the same.

Anybody came across this behavior?


The WSDL support in Blue Prism isn't so great with WSDLs generated by certain engines.

The way to counteract this is to use a utility like SoapUI to generate the sample calls for you and model them within the parameters of the Utility - HTTP Business Object's HTTP Request Action.

  • Thanks. Now, I can achieve this using an http call. Is there anyway that I can call this WSDL? Can I do some changes to make web service call working? Because I have some limitation in the BPM's side in making http call. – Kalyan Dec 10 '18 at 10:05

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