I want to create a calendar looks like horizontal line with the days of month using Qt5/qml. Whether is it possible to do with QAbstractTableModel having one row and columns count as days of the month. There are many examples of realization as a vertical list(ListView). I will be thankful for examples in alike realization.

**Add as qquickwidget in my programm**

engine = new QQmlEngine(this);
quickWidget = new QQuickWidget(engine, this);

QQmlContext *context = quickWidget->rootContext();
dayViewModel = new DayViewModel(context);

context->setContextProperty("dayViewModel", dayViewModel);
qmlRegisterType<DayViewModel>("dayViewModel", 1, 0, "dayViewModel");



DayViewModel::DayViewModel(QObject *parent)
   : QAbstractTableModel(parent)
    monthTile = NULL;

void DayViewModel::setNumberOfDays(CalendarMonthTile* tile)
    monthTile = tile;

QHash<int, QByteArray> DayViewModel::roleNames() const
    QHash<int, QByteArray> roles;
    roles[TextRole] = "TextRole";

    return roles;

int DayViewModel::rowCount (const QModelIndex &/*parent*/) const
    return 1;

int DayViewModel::columnCount (const QModelIndex &/*parent*/) const
    return 31;

QVariant DayViewModel::data (const QModelIndex & index, int role) const
    switch (role) {
        case TextRole:
        return QString("%1").arg(index.column());
    return QVariant();

.qml file take from here

TableView {
anchors.fill: parent
columnSpacing: 1
rowSpacing: 1
clip: true

model: dayViewModel

    delegate: Rectangle {   ????
        implicitWidth: 100
        implicitHeight: 50
        Text {
            text: display


I don't understand how to expose model to qml?

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