I'm trying to get from an existing excel file a set of data and trying to write to a new file if only they match the date today. I am trying to do this but I am not sure how to do that.

Existing Excel file contains the following: enter image description here

What I would want to do is to get the data which has the employment_date to today and write it in a new excel file. Expected output would be:

enter image description here


def recreate_xls_file(src_file_path):
    book_xls = xlrd.open_workbook(src_file_path)
    book_xlsx = Workbook()
    sheet_names = book_xls.sheet_names()
    for sheet_index in range(0,len(sheet_names)):
        sheet_xls = book_xls.sheet_by_name(sheet_names[sheet_index])
        if sheet_index == 0:
            sheet_xlsx = book_xlsx.active
            sheet_xlsx.title = sheet_names[sheet_index]
            sheet_xlsx = book_xlsx.create_sheet(title=sheet_names[sheet_index])
        headerrow = book_xls.sheet_by_index(0).row_values(0)
        for col in range(0, sheet_xls.ncols):
            sheet_xlsx.cell(row = 1 , column = col+1).value = headerrow[col]

        for row in range(1, sheet_xls.nrows):
            for col in range(1, sheet_xls.ncols):
                if col == 3: #col 16 is the date
                    converted_datetime = datetime.datetime(*xlrd.xldate_as_tuple(sheet_xls.cell_value(row, col), book_xls.datemode))
                    converted_datetime2 = converted_datetime.strftime('%#m/%#d/%Y %#I:%M:%S %p')
                    cd_split= converted_datetime2.split()
                    date_str = cd_split[0]
                    date_now = datetime.datetime.now().date().strftime('%#m/%#d/%Y') 
                    if date_str == date_now:
                        sheet_xlsx.cell(row = row+1 , column = 3).value = converted_datetime
                        sheet_xlsx.cell(row = row+1 , column = col+1).value = sheet_xls.cell_value(row, col)

Any help on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    It would greatly help if you would give us the output you currently have, the one you want to have, and a way to execute your code. All these are part of a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example and help us at providing a good solution -- you can imagine we do not want to lose a hour building the post you should have done. Resulting in you not getting the help we could have provided. :( – IMCoins Dec 7 '18 at 8:46

I recommend to use pandas. It allows to solve the problem in couple lines of code (or even one line if you'd like):

import datetime
import pandas as pd

# read excel table
data = pd.read_excel('1.xlsx', parse_dates=['employment_date'])

# filter data
new_data = data.loc[data['employment_date'] == datetime.date.today(), :]

# save filtered data as excel table
new_data.to_excel('2.xlsx', index=False)

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