I refer vault official doc https://www.vaultproject.io/docs/configuration/listener/tcp.html#tls_cert_file

tls_cert_file (string: , reloads-on-SIGHUP) – Specifies the path to the certificate for TLS. To configure the listener to use a CA certificate, concatenate the primary certificate and the CA certificate together. The primary certificate should appear first in the combined file.

in the vault configuration if I start vault with the only tls_cert, vault started with no issue, however everytime I have to add the -ca-cert= in the command line to authorised it So, I try to add the CA cert in the configuration file as mentioned by Vault I'm trying to concatenate the certs , I open the editor and copied the primary cert in the first then pasted the CA. but still, it's not working. I mean it demands me to add -ca-cert= for every action. Do you have any idea if I missed something?

Appreciate all your help and/assistance. Thanks in advance.

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