I am working on a svm model for classifying road surface condition as wet,dry or snowy where I am using 100x100 size image for training.I have a segmented part of a road from which i have to cut 100x100 size multiple images for testing.Actually I am using a video from which each frame is to used to get segmented road(using mask and original image) and then classify it as dry,wet, or snowy.So I want to know how we can cut the 100x100 multiple parts of segmented road and not the black background automatically so that no manual work is needed.

  • Sorry, stack overflow is for solving specific technical problems, not for this sort of general advice. Do you even know if what you're asking is possible? Sounds to me like a whole PHD worth of research would be the best place to start! – JeffUK Dec 7 at 8:48
  • What's the problem cropping the image multiple times at different locations? Mat some_crop = big_image(Rect(some_x, some_y, 100, 100)); – Miki Dec 7 at 11:42

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