I'm new to the this forum and this is my first question. I am developing an laravel application.so that application default language is English. I want to change this in to Chinese.

My requirement is main language is Chinese and other language is English. My language chooser is working fine, but when i change app "local" to Chinese but it's change. I tried clear cache and recheck it same thing.not change language. I have already created two language array "en" for English "ch" for Chinese.


'locale' => 'en',  

'fallback_locale' => 'ch',

LanguageMiddleare class

public function handle($request, Closure $next)


    return $next($request);

web.php (route url)

Route::group(['middleware' => 'language'],function(){
    Route::get('/', function () {
        return view('welcome');

thank you.


try this one

You can change the active language at runtime using the setLocale method on the App facade

App::setLocale($locale);     //by facade.
app()->setLocate($locate);   ///by helper 

You may use the getLocale and isLocale methods to determine the current locale or check if the locale is a given value

$locale = App::getLocale();   //get current language

if (App::isLocale('en')) {  //if current language is english then true else false.

You can als configure a "fallback language", which will be used when the active language does not contain a given translation string

'fallback_locale' => 'en',

for more information read this article and see laravel official document


Some packages may ship with their own language files. Instead of changing the package's core files to tweak these lines, you may override them by placing files in the resources/lang/vendor/{package}/{locale} directory.


I think this package help you to switch language


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