I am using https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-native-paytm for Paytm integration in React Native. With test API keys, it's working fine but with production API key it's giving an error. Here are the details I am using to initiate payment:

var details = {
        mode: "Production",
        orderId: "r_7_3",
        mid: "*****",
        custId: "001",
        channel: "WAP",
        industryType: "Retail",
        website: "DEFAULT",
        amount: "1",
        email: "test@gmail.com",
        phone: "1234567890",
        callback: "https://securegw.paytm.in/theia/paytmCallback?ORDER_ID=r_7_3",
        checksumhash: "***********"};

I checked in Android native demo app, it's working fine for test as well as production API keys.

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