I started using Bootstrap. Therefore I started reading getting started section. Somewhere near here is a note about "autoprefixer". I didn't know what that means. After one click I was here. And I tryed to understand what "autoprefixer" is. The problem was that the first sentence is this "PostCSS plugin to parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using values from Can I Use. ". Finally, I saw that PostCSS is CSS processor with some magic result and it can use a huge amount of plugins. One of them is "autoprefixer". It adds "vendor prefixes" to CSS rules. But, what are the vendor prefixes?


When new features are introduced to the CSS specification, or simply as a test balloon by one browser vendor, the feature is often hidden behind a vendor prefix. E.g. border-radius started as -webkit-border-radius in Chrome/Webkit browsers, and -moz-border-radius in Firefox. If you want to use such a new feature which is not yet standardised across the board but must be prefixed like this, you need to add all the various -webkit-* and -moz-* forms to your CSS file to support it in all browsers. An autoprefixer makes this easier by allowing you to just use the standard name border-radius, and it'll add all the vendor-specific prefixed versions as alternatives automatically.

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