in a Spring Boot MVC enabled project there are redirection from a POST controller to GET controller method.

@RequestMapping(value = ..., method = RequestMethod.POST...)
public String updateOrganiser(@Valid Object1 object1, BindingResult    bindingResult, RedirectAttributes redirectAttributes) {

Response<X> response = new Response<>();
    redirectAttributes.addAttribute("ID", object1.getId());
    redirectAttributes.addFlashAttribute(String.valueOf(object1.getId()), response);


return URLConstants.Redirects.QUOTE; // Redirection to following Controller method


@RequestMapping(value = ..., method = RequestMethod.GET)
public String getPage(Model model, @RequestParam ...) {

 boolean policyCantCreate = getQuote(model, sourcePhone, destinationPhone, quoteId);



But there is a scenario in the system to expose third party services and get response from that service. In some scenarios like session timeout of that external service (or invalid session) following scenario (Not updating the front end with the latest data.) happens in the system in between above two controller methods. Debugging reveals that in those scenarios, GET controller received previous model data instead of the newest updated data from the front end form. For the front-end Thymleaf has used without template caching. I need a clarification about this scenario and why expected path is not working.

Update Scenario

(Please consider showing curtain over scenarios as updates.) Thank You.

  • You'd need to add more code. How does the GET controller load the Data. Where does the POST request save it the data? – Alan Hay Dec 7 '18 at 16:39

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