How can i get display name from toolbox when i drag and drop from tools.

I have this method but here i can get only name like 'State1' not but i want the same from what i enter to my toolbox How can i got it?

   private void RandomizeDisplayName(ModelItem item)
        var displayNameProperty = item.Properties
          .SingleOrDefault(property => property.Name == "Entry");

        var displayNameProperty2 = item.Properties
.SingleOrDefault(property => property.Name == "DisplayName");

        if (displayNameProperty2 != null)
  • i found solution if some one have same problem go to ToolboxControl() and create ttoolbox.ToolSelected += ToolboxOnToolSelected event and var item = (ToolboxControl) sender; var name = item.SelectedTool.DisplayName; – Splitsan Dec 7 '18 at 17:26

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