I have a very large table with two INT columns that are null on Default. This is a problem because since they are INT fields, it would help in many cases if they were originally set to 0.

So my questions are, is there a way I can UPDATE and INCREMENT(+1) these fields while they are like this (null on Default)? BTW.. I didn't have luck so far, it seems increment only works when the default=0

..or is my only option to Change the Default to none from null

UPDATE TableName SET column = IFNULL(column, 0) + 1 WHERE ...

More info on IFNULL. It returns the first argument if it is not NULL, the second otherwise.


Try setting the field as NOT NULL to get away with the problem so that default value of 0 is used instead of null. The other option is to set column as zero whenever it is null.

UPDATE TableName SET FieldName = '0' WHERE FieldName IS NULL

Other alternative would be to issue IFNULL to return 0 in case the column is null and then incrementing the column.

UPDATE TableName SET FieldName = IFNULL(FieldName,0) 

The SQL standard would be to use COALESCE(); this has been available in MySQL since version 3.23 (which was released into production in 2001):

UPDATE mytable
   SET mycolumn = COALESCE(mycolumn, 0) + 1
 WHERE my_other_columns = ...

I can't see any reason to choose IFNULL() over COALESCE() here.

Hope this helps.

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