I am trying to build a ASP.Net Core project using .Net Framework 4.6.1. The reason I am not using .Net Core is there are some .Net Framework libraries that I need to use.

I am using Visual Studio 2017. If I create a new project as a ASP.Net Core .Net Framework project I noticed that in the project settings it defaults to targeting x86, which seems weird. When I try to reference the .Net Framework library I want to use I receive an System.BadImageFormat error. Even if I change the project to target anycpu, or x64 I still receive this. I did double check, and this project is targeting .Net framework, and not .Net Core?

However, if I build a .Net Framework console application, and manually add in the Nuget packages for ASP.Net core, and manually setup ASP.Net core then everything works fine. However, what I notice is the .csproj file is completely different between the two projects.

So my specific questions:

  • Why would the ASP.Net Core .Net Framework project default to x86?
  • Why are the two .csproj files completely different.
  • Why would loading the .Net Framework library work on in the project that started out as a console application, but not in the project that was created as ASP.Net Core
  • Noticed that if I take the console application and change the .csproj file to the new format using this process natemcmaster.com/blog/2017/03/09/vs2015-to-vs2017-upgrade, then the console application starts throwing the System.BadImageFormat error also. I am not understanding how changing to the new .csproj breaks this. – Eric Maibach Dec 7 at 18:49

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