I'm writing a class called MusicPlayer declared like so:

class MusicPlayer : public MIDIRenderer {
    void Play(std::vector<Note> &notes);
[and other stuff but that doesn't matter]

Where MIDIRenderer is can be found here.

I need to use MIDIRenderer's OnNoteEvent (declared on line 76)

The exact call that I'm making is in a for loop:

MIDIRenderer m;
std::vector<Note>::iterator i = notes.begin();
for (i; i != notes.end(); i++) {
    m.OnNoteEvent(NULL, &(*i));

But I'm getting an error on the OnNoteEvent line that error C2248: 'CFugue::MIDIRenderer::OnNoteEvent': cannot access private member declared in class 'CFugue::MIDIRenderer'. But OnNoteEvent is public? How can I use the OnNoteEvent? Basically, I'm trying to play Note objects.

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    It's private. Default accessor it's private. You can see below public keyword on code. – Kevin Kouketsu Dec 7 at 16:55
  • gdi i'm blind I'm sorry – screamingapples85 Dec 7 at 17:01
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By default in C++, if not otherwise specified, class members are private. So OnNoteEvent is private.

No, OnNoteEvent and all the other event handlers in class MIDIRenderer are declared private. In fact there is no accessibility declaration, which defaults to private.

I'm not familiar with CFugue, so I cannot direct you to the right API to use for your use case, but this is not what you ought to do.

OnNoteEvent is private. All members of a class that do not have an access specifier default to private.

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