I am trying to build an app that can turn on/off the ringtone, (or lower ringtone volume) based on a geolocation, and if power-charging. I'm not a iOS dev so need a lot of hand-holding. Currently just trying to set the ringtone to 0 and have looked at the below, but none of these seem to work in iOS12 anymore (or if they do I can't get them to work and could use an actual working xcode example). objC or Swift, I'll take anything at this point, (because I know neither!) This is only for myself, so appstore approve is unnecessary. I have seen people mention "private api's" I have no problem using them just not sure how. I want to avoid Jailbreaking (jailbreaking since original iPhone, but wanting to stop on XS). I know it can be done, because I use SilentAlert right now, but would like more control. Thanks for any help.

turn off device volume - iOS How to disable iOS System Sounds Mute/Silence an iOS device programmatically? How to programmatically silence the ringer or change the ringer tone on iOS5

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