In several designs, I have position:fixed nav-bar.

A problem rises when I clic on an anchor in the page. The page scrolls to the :target(ed) element. Because of the fixed navbar, the target is partially hidden (Link1 in the codepen)

As workaround, I use a :target::before that I push above the :target. As a result when I clic on the anchor, the page scrolls to the :target::before: the :target gets pushed down a bit and is not covered by the navbar. (link2 in the codepen).

This works well… except if the anchored element is flexible (with display:flex).

No matter what I try, when I clic on the anchor, the page scrolls to the flexbox, not it’s ::before.

I can I do prevent that?

Link : https://codepen.io/lehollandaisvolant/pen/JOOQeq


Well, after some extensive trial, I used this on a parent box. The parentbox must have the #id so that the actual box is pushed down under the nav-bar :

padding-top: 100px;
margin-top: -100px;

It’s not ideal, but it does the job.

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