I read that Visual Studio now supports cross-platform development. I'm using CMake to compile for Windows and Ubuntu (using WSL) so far. However there doesn't seem to be any information on how to actually accomplish the cross-compilation using Visual Studio to target Mac OS X. Is it doable with the CMakeSettings.json? According to this article, you can choose Linux-Debug and Linux-Release as configurationType but in Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise the Linux options aren't even available for me, neither is Mac OS X.

I might just setup a virtual machine as suggested in this post which seems to be the most convenient solution to get the job done.

  • to compile for MacOS you'll need xcode toolset, BUT Apple forbide the use of it on platform other than MacOS i.e. you can't cross compile for MacOS... – Mizux Dec 10 '18 at 9:20

Apparently you can't.

I ended up installing a virtual machine with Mac OS X and successfully compiled my code inside it using shared folders to make my Windows host source code available to the guest. This is certainly more reliable and sane to do than some hacky cross-compilation project. The latter still doesn't guarantee that the code will successfully run and not unexpectedly crash on the cross-compilation target operating system.

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