I am getting this error:

SQLSTATE[22007]: Invalid datetime format: 1292 Truncated incorrect DOUBLE value: '808498e7-a393-42f1-ab23-6ee89eb7040a' 

When trying to delete records through a relationship, using:


The raw query shows as:

delete from `stock_movements` where `stock_movements`.`entity_id` = 10000005 and `stock_movements`.`entity_id` is not null and `stock_movements`.`company_id` = 8b11050c-612c-4922-8b34-d04d579e02a9

I have searched and searched but cannot find anything specific to this other than it may be something to do with a cast error. Maybe something to do with UUID's?

Migrations as follows:

    Schema::create('deliveries', function (Blueprint $table) {

    Schema::create('stock_movements', function (Blueprint $table) {
        $table->string('entity_type'); //can be order / delivery
        $table->string('entity_id'); //can be UUID / String / Integer
        $table->string('location_id')->nullable(); // can be warehouse_location / shipment_package / delivery_container

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I know it's several months old, but since there is no accepted solution I'm posting mine.
I had the exact same error message but in a slightly different context:

Table::whereIn('fk_id', $arrayOfFkIds)

The array contained values that were either strings (like 'ABC1234', like your company_id) or integers.

The workaround was when I build this array, I cast everything to string:

$arrayOfFkIds[] = (string)$parsedArray['stuff_id'];

Then no more SQL error, everything works smoothly.


I think you are missing quotes, so that your UUID can be seen as a string type:

delete from `stock_movements` where `stock_movements`.`entity_id` = 10000005 and `stock_movements`.`entity_id` is not null and `stock_movements`.`company_id` = '8b11050c-612c-4922-8b34-d04d579e02a9'

The value of company_id is seen as a number/double (in any case not as a string), so you might have forgotten to turn it into a string before you put it into the query.


This error message can also occur if the variable you are comparing has no value.

For example: $id = '' and User::where('id', $id).

I came across this question when searching for solution to same error in my code, i noticed the variable am working on has no value and the error was resolved and code working fine when the variable start getting appropriate values.


I have just run into the exact same issue, when trying to delete Models through an Eloquent scope.

This results in the exact same error as abovementioned:

return $query->whereNotIn('remote_status', $this->typeDeletedStatuses)

The solution of type casting was too brittle for my taste, not obvious enough. So after some trial and error I separated the int and string statuses, and rebuilt the query like so:

return $query->whereNotIn('remote_status', $this->typeDeletedStatuses)
            ->orWhereIntegerNotInRaw('remote_status', $this->typeIntDeletedStatuses);

Now the scope works as expected.

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