In Kotlin 1.3.11 and v1.0.1 of kotlinx-coroutines-reactive, I've found that when a Publisher<Publisher<T>> completes before consumeEach is called on some of its inner Publishers, these inner Publishers don't execute at all when they are eventually started. Is this expected? Consider for example:

publish {
    send(publish<Unit> {
        // delay(1E6); // optionally try to wait a long time to verify it's not run at all
        println("inner finished")
    // send(launch { println("inner finished") }) // note: this isn't a problem for launch
    println("outer finished")
    .consumeEach {
        println("try to start inner")
        it.consumeEach {  }
        // it.join() // try this when sending `launch {}`

Which results in

outer finished
try to start inner

Process finished with exit code 0

Is my gut on the right track that this has something to do with ProducerScopes (since Publisher is scoped by these, cf. docs)?

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