Anyone knows how to add equations e.g (set [a , b) = {x ∈ R a ≤ x < b} ) and limits equations on open edx. I'm having a issue in uploading the content like Multiple Choices and Text.

  • Openedx slack community can be of help try asking you question there. – Chintan Joshi Dec 11 '18 at 12:30

If you are looking for course authoring, you can use MathJax for this kind of mathematical equations.

edX Mathjax documentation here

examples here

For your example, You can use this notation.

set [a , b] = {x ∈ R a ≤ x < b}

\[ a , b  =  x \in\Bbb R a \le x \lt b \]

And you will get this,

enter image description here

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