In Solr 7.5 there is nodeAdded event. However when I try to use it (running solr in local mode), it's behavior is quite strange. Let's assume I have 2 nodes and each node has one shard with 2 replicas. I have the following trigger defined:

  "set-trigger": {
    "name": "node_added_trigger_aa",
    "event": "nodeAdded",
    "waitFor": "1m",
    "preferredOperation": "ADDREPLICA",
    "enabled": true

When I add a new node (so there are 3 nodes) one becomes empty, one is not changed and one starts to create a massive number of replicas. I checked and I don't see any recurrent triggers (I only added one posted above). Solr admin UI screenshot

It may be related to this question: Solr AutoScaling - Add replicas on new nodes

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