In our project Change-id is mandatory for commits, but I did not found how to add it in Visual Studio Code.

I downloaded the "Gerrit" plug-in, but even so I did not fond a way to add the Change-ID

Any idea?


You need to install the "commit-msg" hook in the ".git" directory of your local repository.

See more details in the Gerrit documentation here.

Basically you need to go (cd) to your local repository and execute the following command:

gitdir=$(git rev-parse --git-dir); curl --create-dirs -Lo ${gitdir}/hooks/commit-msg https://GERRIT-SERVER/tools/hooks/commit-msg; chmod u+x ${gitdir}/hooks/commit-msg

After that, every time you create a new commit or change (--amend) an old one, the Change-Id will be automatically added.

  • Il works! Thanks – alcott80 Dec 13 '18 at 8:17

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