I'll back to you, to find out if you have any options for these different points on mandrill

I have many problems with Mandrill, I do not understand, I'm frustrated, and blocked, it takes me a lot of time, because every time I solve a problem it jumps elsewhere.


1 > I do not want to see automatically appear MC_PREVIEW_TEXT when import mailchimp to mandrill a "code" is inserted in the mail that must be removed each time by hand otherwise this piece of text is displayed in the subject of the mail! > MC_PREVIEW_TEXT

2 > I would like push my mandril template to Mailchimp.

3 > I would like to go back to my old template on Mandrill. Someone overwrote your Mandrill template from Mailchimp.

4 > Can not navigate correctly in the mail editor "code" in mandrill: A) When I scroll, the screen goes up every single time, which gives a jerky scroll (scroll line 400 to 500: 400 up to 420 back to 410 up to 450 back to 430) B) The search (Ctrl F) does not work in the code (difficult to search a piece of text ex: MC_PREVIEW_TEXT or others) C) this point is complicated to explain, when I want to write in the code, it is as if the cursor was shifted by 5 letters

5 > My transactional 37 templates created on mailchimp imported on mandrill are not respected when receiving transactional emails to the client, yet when sending mail test and in the display "preview mode" / code mandrill all are good.

MINOR problem :

6 The background is cut below the button

7 the emoji (solution: the added in the code since mandrill "loss of time") make the text jump

8 Apostrophes' erase all my paragraph located after (solution: rephrase a new text "waste of time")

9 the arrangement of certain texts no longer corresponds

I hope I have been clear in the description of the bugs

Thank you


Here are the answers I have pushed to get if it helps you :

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