I have a client which sends JSON data to a server. This JSON data contains a budget and epsilon value. The server receives the data and checks if the used_budget is None or in other words, if that is the first request from the client. If so, it initializes the used_budget to 0.0.

The condition is every time the client sends a JSON payload, the epsilon value is added to the used_budget and the used_budget is compared with budget. If the used_budget is less than budget then the server queries a database and returns some result to the client else the server should stop accepting requests from the client.

Problem: When I am sending an initial request from a client, a new session is initialized and epsilon is added. The server returns the result to the client as expected. BUT, when I send another request from the client, instead of treating it as a same session, the server initializes a new session and the used_budget value is set to 0.0 again. The condition checking never occurs.

This is the server side code:

class GetParams(Resource):
    def get(self):

    client_request = json.loads(list(dict(request.args).keys())[0])  # Stores the request in JSON format
    budget = client_request['budget']
    epsilon = client_request['epsilon']
    used_budget = session.get('used_budget')  # used_budget used a session variable

    # If Client sends the first request then initialize used_budget to 0.0
    if used_budget == None:

    # Check if client has budget for sending queries for a session
    if (session['used_budget'] < float(budget)):
        session['used_budget'] = session.get('used_budget') + float(epsilon)
        result = write_file(client_request)  # Write request to file and store the returned query result
        print("used budget " + str(session['used_budget']))
        return result # Return the query result to the client
        error_message = "Budget exceeded - Cannot process queries"
        return error_message

api.add_resource(GetParams, '/data')  # Route for get()    
if __name__ == '__main__':
    app.run(port='5890', threaded=True)

Here is the client side code:

# Client sends this data in url
data = {
    'query': 'SELECT count(*) FROM accounts',
    'epsilon': '1.0',
    'budget': '2.0',

# Localhost url
url = ''

# Client sends Get request
 session = requests.Session()    

resp= session.get(url, params=json.dumps(data))

# Client prints the data returned by the server in JSON

# Client prints the response code

The code works fine when I run it from a browser (i.e., sessions are maintained when I use two different browsers) but a new session is started when I ping the server from the client using an IDE. Can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong over here?

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