I'm trying to validate an input of type file for the maximum resolution of 500x500px.

I have come to this point where I don't know why my validator is not triggered properly. It almost looks like return ($viewValue.dimensions.height <= 500 && $viewValue.dimensions.width <= 500); is evaluated after some expression default and just returns true instead?

I'm not sure why the message is not displayed. When I try to fake the validation response it all suddenly works but doesn't want to work from img.onload.

I couldn't set it up on stackoverflow so made a 'plunker' on jsbin. jsbin plunker

Could you help me figure this one out...

Tried to do it with promises too.

validators: {
    imageRes: {
        expression: function($viewValue, $modelValue) {
            var value = $modelValue || $viewValue;

            return $q(function(resolve, reject) {
                if(value) {
                    console.log('IF VALUE');
                    var src = "data:" + $viewValue.filetype + ";base64," + $viewValue.base64;
                    var img = new Image();
                    img.src = src;

                    img.onload = function() {
                        $viewValue.dimensions = {
                            width: img.width,
                            height: img.height

                        resolve($viewValue.dimensions.height <= 500 && $viewValue.dimensions.width <= 500);
                } else {
                function(response) {
                    console.log('response = ', response)
                    return response;
        message: '"Too big"'

It does return the right promise but the field doesn't display the error message when image is bigger than 500x500px and the field is valid...

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