Trying to create a Contact Form where users can email the site admins. Using the latest Orchard version and despite enabling the Dynamic forms module I cannot seem to be able to get the Form widget in the list. Following the documentation from here http://docs.orchardproject.net/en/latest/Documentation/Creating-Dynamic-Forms/#create-a-form-widget


Orchard retired the Custom Forms in favor of Dynamic forms however after hours of fiddling I cannot get them to work. I didn't get through the length of looking into the source code yet but having a form is basic functionality and it should work out of the box! Note: I am aware that stackoverflow has few answered questions this one seems to be the nearest to my problem, however the best answer it revolves around the Create a form widget that I cannot get to work.


It should be there

enter image description here

If not, check if dynamics form module is enabled. Or check your logs if any error. Custom Forms module should be disabled.

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