complete beginner with Google Cloud Platform here.

I am currently trying to setup a node.js backend API, but I am not able to find out why my environment variables aren't working.

I have one variable with a secret key for JwT authentication and one for my mongoDB Atlas URL.

I have them defined in my app.yaml like it is explained in https://cloud.google.com/appengine/docs/standard/nodejs/config/appref#environment_variables


But when I try to npm start my application in the shell with npm start I get an error:

throw new TypeError('JwtStrategy requires a secret or key');

Anybody has a clue what I am doing wrong or is there an better way to store and retrieve environment variables in the GCP app engine with node.js?


When you type npm start on your local machine, the environment variables from app.yaml are not loaded automatically.

Run these in your shell before running npm start:


in order to set the environment variables locally.

  • Thanks, I just tested it and that was my mistake. But I have switched now to Digitalocean because in my opinion its easier to use for my beginner understanding but after this week of learning how to setup a linux server, installing nginx and figuring things out in general about this whole topic I guess there is no real difference to the GCP. – user10624073 Dec 17 '18 at 7:31

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