EDIT FIX - Reinstalling VS did not work, reinstalling windows then VS did the trick... we live in 2019 almost and this shit is required to get vs to work properly?

I created a .NET Standard Class library which it seems to point to 1.6, when i go to change it to 2.0, I dont see it in the list (see attached image)

Also attached is latest info from my machine and versions, I have installed both the .NET Core 2.2.1 x64/x86 SDKs and I have the .NET Full Framework 4.7.2

EDIT 1: how vs was installed enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here


I just ran into this issue. Reinstalling the sdk and VS didn't help. The issue ended up being an incorrect order of paths in the System Path variable. As soon as I moved C:\Program Files\dotnet\ before C:\Program Files (x86)\dotnet\ VS was able to pickup the correct sdks.

System Path variable


I had the very same problem, even went as far as reporting it to Microsoft. It only happens with a clean install, so people checking it on their long used and upgraded systems wouldn't be able to help.

But, after many desperate tries and giving up, I switched off the computer and fired it up next morning. And VS was working all right, with the 2.0 where it should be.

I know this isn't a proper, reliable and repeatable solution but maybe it'll spare the trouble of reinstalling everything for somebody... :-)


My team got into this issue. Though we installed all .Net Core SDK but VS2017 targer framework was showing up to .Net Standard 1.6. After searching a lot, we found all .Net Core SDK versions installed(latest till 2.2.10) are 64 bit except one 2.2.301 which is x86 version.

Command dotnet --info helped us to find the same. In dotnet --info output, Base path was pointing to C:\Program Files (x86)\dotnet\sdk\2.2.301\

SDK paths: C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk

C:\Program Files (x86)\dotnet\sdk

Finally, we uninstalled the x86 version and then the Environment path reset and pointed to 64 bits SDKs as shown in below diagram. Now, targer framework is pointing to .Net Standard 2.0.enter image description here

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