There are a few threads which discuss the meaning of data hydration.

But I can't find any definitions of data dehydration.

I can see three possible meanings

1) Extracting the current state of an object

2) Clearing the state of an object

3) Both 1) and 2)


This is not a duplicate of other threads where the meaning of hydration is discussed. This question is about dehydration.

  • Possible duplicate of What does it mean to hydrate an object? – Enigmativity Jan 14 at 21:04
  • @Enigmativity This is NOT a duplicate. The linked thread only references hydration. Not dehydration. – Mike Jan 24 at 1:17
  • I cannot see any detail in your question that helps distinguish this question. Please read How to Ask. If I were to edit this question to remove unnecessary text I would delete everything in the content. Please provide a suitable description of what you are asking. – Enigmativity Jan 24 at 3:53
  • What about the question in the subject line is unclear to you? I cannot imagine a more clearly stated question. – Mike Jan 28 at 17:57
  • The title is all that I had to go on, which is why I marked it as a duplicate. – Enigmativity Jan 28 at 22:48

Data dehydration usually refers to the process of storing db data off in a compressed file. The data is then removed from the db (and as such is inaccessible)

The process of rehydration is loading the stored data into the original or ancillary table so that it can be worked with.

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