I need to download a file from an ftp server and I found this example using libcurl ftpget.c. It works great in Linux with gcc, but I want my program to work in Windows as well. I noticed there's a port in vcpkg so I installed it with vcpkg install curl[*]:x64-windows without any error. However, the problem is that this version of libcurl doesn't seem to support ftp as it just says * Protocol "ftp" not supported or disabled in libcurl and fails. If I use http or even https it works just fine. I don't know if ftp is simply not supported or if I need to enable it somewhere. I opened an issue on vcpkg github page but didn't get any reply.

  • It certainly sounds like they disabled it by choice. FTP support is always enabled by default in libcurl. Dec 12, 2018 at 12:44

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vcpkg install curl[non-http]:x64-windows solved my problem thanks to myd7349.
I guess I did vcpkg install curl:x64-windows instead previously and by default USE_HTTP_ONLY is set for some reason so other protocols are all disabled.

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