zef has a --deps-only flag for the install subcommand to install only the dependencies of a modules.

zef install --deps-only .

This installs all the modules referenced in the depends object in META6.json. Is there a similar flag to install all the modules in the test-depends object in META6.json?

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    There should be, right? – jjmerelo Dec 10 '18 at 18:39
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    After some more playing around, it seems --deps-only does not limit itself to the depends object. It installs both depends and test-depends, unless you pass --/test, in which case it will only install depends. – Tyil Dec 10 '18 at 20:48
zef install . --deps-only --/depends --/build-depends --test-depends

The --test-depends at the end is not needed but is included for brevity. --/depends skips items under the depends META6 field, and --/build-depends skips items under the build-depends META6 field.

The relevant bits from zef --help:

    --deps-only             Install only the dependency chains of the requested distributions

    --/depends              Do not fetch runtime dependencies
    --/test-depends         Do not fetch test dependencies
    --/build-depends        Do not fetch build dependencies

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