I am trying to implement BLE gamepad with HID over GATT. And I want to add to it force feedback (rumble, vibration, etc.) (FFB) support.

I could find the following information.
For implementation FFB support there are next options:

1) Using custom HID report descriptor & drivers for each target platform.
Problem: I have never before do drivers for any platform and I'm not sure that I will be able to implement it.

2) Using standart HID report descriptor with PID (Physical Interface Device) class.
Problem: On the internet I found a ready-made HID report descriptor with PID, but its size is more than 510 bytes (maximum attribute value size in BLE HID implementation) and I try to reduce the size, but I couldn't make it work.

3) Imitate an existing gamepad (ex. XBox).
Problem: I am not sure that this way is legal. And I found the USB dump of XBox controller, but I can not find BLE dump. HID's data from USB dump don't work n BLE.

Can anyone help me with this problems? May be you have some information about this?

I would be grateful for any answer.


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