This is a very specific one. I want to parametrize the versions so I can call directly a logstream but, on the logstream name, after the version there's a key that I don't know what it represents, and how I can call it so it can be autosetted at the moment of my request.

This is and example of the logstream name:


And this is the class I'm working on (it's messy sorry I'm a newie).

import boto3
import time
import json
from Classes.pyEnv import environment

clientlambda = boto3.client('lambda')
clientlog = boto3.client('logs')
lambdaname = 'ExampleLambda'

aliases_response = clientlambda.get_alias(
json_dict = json.dumps(aliases_response)
version_number = json.loads(json_dict)
version = version_number["FunctionVersion"]

response = clientlog.get_log_events(
    logGroupName='/aws/lambda/' + lambdaname,
    logStreamName=time.strftime('%Y/%m/%d/') + "[" + version + "]" + 

Any help will do, thanks!


You cannot determine the log stream names of your Lambda log groups.

But you don't need to specify a log stream if you use filter_log_events or start_query instead of get_log_events.

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