Upon research, Flutter's Button is disabled automatically when the onPressed is null. However due to my necessary testing function I am forced to place an arrow function () => , which doesn't seem to trigger the onPressed as actually null, but returning null as value. Therefore currently the button just does nothing (null) when textField is empty. I am aiming to disable it fully (grayed out) if the textField is empty.

onPressed: () => (_textController.text.isNotEmpty) ? _addNewPair() : null,

  context: this.context,
  builder: (BuildContext context) {
    return AlertDialog(
      title: Text('Add a custom word'),
      content: _renderForm(),
      actions: <Widget>[
          child: Text('ADD'),
          onPressed: () => (_textController.text.isNotEmpty) ? _addNewPair() : null,

Put the condition first, if text is empty your button will be disabled.

onPressed: (_textController.text.isNotEmpty) ? () =>  _addNewPair() : null,
  • 2
    Thanks, works as intended now! Now off to fix how I deal with _textControll.text state as it seems to not update/render the changes even while textField is being written.
    – Jesse
    Dec 11 '18 at 4:57
  • that's another question, maybe you can open a new one with your code Dec 11 '18 at 4:58

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