Trying but failing; also open to manual install if someone can help.

FYI, end goal is to install mobius-network-js to begin dev on a Mobius DApp

  • what commands you are running and where it is failing? what is the error? Please provide necessary information. – Aritra Chakraborty Dec 11 '18 at 7:03

To install node v9.0.0, use

nvm i 9.0.0

Then check the version

node -v

It should be v9.0.0

If there is a version mismatch, use

nvm use 9.0.0

The output should be Now using node v9.0.0 (npm v5.5.1)

Made sure, you have already installed the nvm

You can also check the Documentation for details.


You can install specific version on node using nvm via

nvm install <node-version> - nvm documentation

if you want to install node v9. you can run nvm install v9 and this will automatically install the node v9.x.x

you can also set it as the default version via the nvm use command.


Open git bash and and try the following commands:

nvm install [version_needed]

nvm use [version_needed]

Instead of [version_needed] write down the relevant version of nodejs: https://nodejs.org/en/download/releases/


n library is best alternative of nvm and its really easy to use .


installation step

step 1 -

npm i n -g

step 2 -

n node-version

ex - n 9 or n stable to download latest stable version of node

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