I am running a thread like this:

instance variable

private Thread workerThread = null;

in contructor

workerThread = new Thread(new ThreadStart(this.remoteRequestBackgroundTask));

in a method, I start the thread

    private void btnTransferData_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        ////Start the thread


    private void remoteRequestBackgroundTask()
      //does some background processing and then finishes

This works the first time I run the Thread, however, when it finishes and I run it again, I get "System.Threading.ThreadStateException". How can I fix this?


Do not create the worker thread in the constructor. You should move this code into the btnTransferData_Click method.


Are you sure the you're creating a new Thread every time you call btnTransferData_Click (as in, the click isn't called twice for the same instance)?

looking here It seems that this can be caused when you call a Thread again after it's already been executed. Create the thread in the Click method (instead of in the constructor) to avoid this.


Yes, the thread has executed. You cannot "restart" it. For this example, the solution is to create a new thread and run that.


You cannot reuse a Thread instance after it has been used. You would need to create a new Thread instance to be able to run it again.

However seeing as you are probably writing a WinForms application , you should use the BackgroundWorker class instead. At least with this, you can reuse the worker instance as many times as you need it.

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