(<HTMLInputElement>document.getElementById('uploadFile')).value = "";


[tslint] misplaced opening brace


And if I use the opening braces in same line of function, it doesn't give me warning like

      (<HTMLInputElement>document.getElementById('uploadFile')).value = "";

This rule is called "one-line" rule And how to configure it in TSLint to handle first type of braces style

Thanks in advance

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If you want to globally turn of Goto {ProjectDirectoty}/tslint.json and add "one-line" : false in rules

One-line has 5 sub rules as "check-catch", "check-finally", "check-else", "check-open-brace", "check-whitespace". You can understand it from name, like for catch you should or not write opening braces in same or next line.

"extends": "../tslint.json",
"rules": {
    "one-line" : false,
    "directive-selector": [
    "component-selector": [


If you want to turn off only specific subrule, use something like this

"one-line": [true, "check-catch", "check-finally", "check-else"]

It will turn on for these 3 rules and off for other 2 rules

And if you want to disable in a particular file

/* tslint:disable:rule1 rule2 rule3... */ in that file

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