I've migrated the application from "Fabric Crashlytics" to "Firebase Crashlytics" and successfully tested if the new crashes arrive.

But unfortunately, I don't see an option to search for an issue. I see an option to "Search by user" but if I want to search by the crash message I can't.

This is how I throw an exception:

throw new RuntimeException("FirebaseTestDebug crash");

I want to be able to search for this exception by the following string: "FirebaseTestDebug"

I can definitely do that in "Fabric Crashlytics" using the following UI: enter image description here


An official answer a few months ago suggests linking Big Query, and analysing your data there. It's not ideal, but it will allow you to search by constituent fields such as exception.

For example, once your project is linked to Big Query you could use:

FROM `com.example.yourpackage`
WHERE logs.message CONTAINS "FirebaseTestDebug"

The full Crashlytics schema is available here.

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