I have images likes this: enter image description here

My data consists of numpy matrizes whereas white is represented by 1 and black by 0. I want to extract the body in these images. I can assume that the body is always the biggest coherent area in the image.

Is there an existing algorithm or should I create my own?

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    you should explore OpenCV. You can play with morphological operations and then findcountours funtion. Each contour can be isolated, or filtered by area, etc – daniel Dec 11 '18 at 18:31

We can use skimage.measure 's label and regionprops for two methods. Thus, with im as the 2D input image, we would have those as listed below.

Approach #1 With label and numpy.bincount -

from skimage.measure import label, regionprops

l = label(im)
out = (l==np.bincount(l.ravel())[1:].argmax()+1).astype(int)

Approach #2 With label and regionprops -

r = regionprops(l) # l is from previous approach
out = (l==(1+np.argmax([i.area for i in r]))).astype(int)

Output with given sample -

enter image description here

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