when creating a new project at Visual Studio, if we click Change Authentication button, 4 authentication options are shown. According to my research, Individual User Accounts option is more likely for my case. I try to implement client_credentials over its password grant type. I managed to login users.

Now I need to implement UserManager to support clientId and secretKey logins.

User Manager class have 4 methods that queries user;

public virtual Task<TUser> FindAsync(string userName, string password);
public virtual Task<TUser> FindByEmailAsync(string email);
public virtual Task<TUser> FindByIdAsync(TKey userId);
public virtual Task<TUser> FindByNameAsync(string userName);

But don't have a method like;

public virtual Task<TUser> FindByClientIdAndSecretAsync(string clientId, string secretKey);

What is the most elegant solution for this? Should I create one?

EDIT: Apparently, User store interface does not support machine users. Or I should use userId as clientId.

public interface IUserStore<TUser, in TKey> : IDisposable where TUser : class, IUser<TKey>
        Task CreateAsync(TUser user);
        Task DeleteAsync(TUser user);
        Task<TUser> FindByIdAsync(TKey userId);
        Task<TUser> FindByNameAsync(string userName);
        Task UpdateAsync(TUser user);

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