Currently I am working a node.js based api. I build my code into a bundle.js using webpack and typescript.

All the articles that I read on how to build a node app using webpack suggest that I should not bundle the node_modules dependecies in my final bundle, and rather exclude them.

Isn't this a bit counter intuitive? At the end of the day when you want to have a production ready bundle, it would be nice to have single file that you deploy on some prod environment, needing to configure all the dependencies again would be a bit of a pain.

I just want to know what are your toughts regarding the matter.

Best regards.


Not really sure what kind project you have but Node.js API projects are server side projects and commonly have only REST interface and there is no need for bundling javascript?

Bundling is good on client side to avoid browser making multiple request to get all required dependencies. For client side dependencies you could use CDN, it enables browser to load js files directly from the cache -- if some other site have used same js -- which is fast.

Note that there is also "npm install --production" command, which installs only those files which are needed in production. That command does not install dev dependencies. Some scripts maybe does not allow you to do bundling or even minification -- Or does every npm packages allow it?

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