I want to enable location of my device(android pie). I have read the documentation of Permissions of react-native and then tried to implement it but every time it says "Location permission denied". I even tried to use external library(react-native-permissions) then it says:- "undetermined: User has not yet been prompted with a permission dialog". I have given the permissions(FINE_LOCATION and COARSE_LOCATION) in manifest also. I even tried to give permission manually in app permissions but still it says permission denied. How can i enable location.

Here is the code:

async requestLocationPermission() {
try {
  const granted = await PermissionsAndroid.request(
      title: "Example App",
      message: "Example App access to your location "
  if (granted === PermissionsAndroid.RESULTS.GRANTED) {
    console.log("You can use the location");
    alert("You can use the location");
  } else {
    console.log("location permission denied");
    alert("Location permission denied");
} catch (err) {

calling it in componentDidMount:

  • What is targetSdkVersion inside android/app/build.gradle ? – Ravi Rupareliya Dec 12 '18 at 14:23
  • 28 targetSdkVersion...buidtoolVersion is 28.0.3 – Chaitanya Parashar Dec 14 '18 at 12:12

I did the same way. Added FINE_LOCATION and COARSE_LOCATION in AndroidManifest.xml file. And written the above code snippet as like you.

Then I too got the Location permission denied message.

Then I opened AndroidStudio and Did clean and build. Deleted the app from emulator and re run it, react-native run-android Then the Location permission dialog came.

  • you can also clean it using this command: cd android && ./gradlew clean – ddobby94 Jan 8 at 13:55

I know this sounds alittle weird...

Try and open Google Maps. The dialog will sometimes appear.

Literally, that's my answer!


Are you using the emulator, the location services do not work at all on Android emulators, unlike iOS which mocks it.

install 'react-native-device-info' and check if its an android emulator before using the location service

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