I am using IFTTT to send temperature data from my Nordic Thingy 52 to google spreadsheets using a recipe I wrote.
It works great and 13 rows have been written to my sheet.

The temperature measurement interval was every 2 seconds which was too high for IFTTT as I got the following error:

Usage limit exceeded Dec 12 - 4:41 PM Webhooks
If Maker Event "temperature_update", then Add row to Gal Margalit’s Google Drive spreadsheet
Tap to view our Troubleshooting Services page to learn about usage limits Hide details

I've gone through every documentation, troubleshooting and faqs they have on the website but I find no numbers on data limit or intervals.
I've increased the measurement interval to be taken every 60 seconds.

Does anyone know what is the data limit on IFTTT?


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