I downloaded Codeblocks to call GUROBI - an optimization package with libraries- from C. While building the example C code from GUROBI (See here), I get 15 errors in the form of:

.../main.c:32: undefined reference to `GRBloadenv@8'
.../main.c:32: undefined reference to `GRBreadmodel@12'

I already did the following:

  1. In global compiler settings

    • Set Settings>Compiler>Search Directories>Compiler path to GUROBI's include folder (with .h files)
    • Set Search Directories>Linker path to GUROBI's lib folder (with .lib files)
    • Link libraries from Linker settings.
  2. Did the same three steps above for the prject itself, i.e. Project>Build Options>...[same as Step 1]

Having spent the whole day, i cant find any solution. Any help is highly appreciated.

I'm working on Windows 10, Code::Blocks 17.12, and Gurobi 8.1.0

Global compiler path to .h files enter image description here enter image description here

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