So far I have this :

 using (var actContext = new ItsAllAboutTheGameDbContext(contextOptions))
            var cardService = new CardService(actContext);
            creditCardResult = await cardService.AddCard("3242423532532434", "332", DateTime.Parse("02.03.2020"), user);
            await actContext.SaveChangesAsync();



After I have added the card to CreditCards table in the context, how can I Assert if it was added successfully? And I need to check if it is added into the inmemorydatabase (actContext)?

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Do you really want to assert that the data was inserted in the table?

You should inject a DBContext factory into your controller and use a fake one on your unit tests.

public class MyController : Controller { public MyController(Func dbContextFactory) ...


    using (var actContext = dbContextFactory())


Then, in your test, you just inject a factory to mock context.

Better yet, inject a component in your controller.

Otherwise, you're left with querying the database to se if the data is there.

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    I have heard that it is somewhat in many cases useless to test the DBContext, because it is equal to testing if C# compiler works correctly. Dec 15, 2018 at 11:13

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