I have a select dropdown in a Tapestry form that is populated by objects through a SelectModelFactory. I am currently displaying the first name of the object to the client but I would like to display both the first name and the last name and I'm having a devil of a time figuring out how to add another labelProperty. My model is created per the below code:

List<Person> persons = personFinderService.findPersons();
personsModel = selectModelFactory.create(persons, "firstName");

I've tried several things:

(persons, "firstName" + "lastName")
(persons, "firstName" & "lastName")
(persons, "firstName" && "lastName")
(persons, "firstName + lastName")
(persons, "firstName & lastName")
(persons, "firstName && lastName")
(persons, "firstName", "lastName")

But I can't get both names to display. Any help would be much appreciated. Tapestry isn't much used so there isn't a lot of online support.


You could either create a new method in your Person class:

public class Person {
    public String getFullName() {
        return firstName + " " + lastName;

and then personsModel = selectModelFactory.create(persons, "fullName");.

Or work with internal SelectModelImpl and OptionModelImpl directly.

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