I use PS1.6 and it uses two languages. So, ho to make this work inside JSON file "block-cart-json.tpl"

This way is not working (add to cart popup window is not showing):

"condition": {if $product.condition|json_encode == 'used'}{l s='Used'}{elseif $product.condition|json_encode == 'new'}{l s='New'}{elseif $product.condition|json_encode == 'online'}{l s='Online'}{/if},

This way it works:

"condition": {$product.condition|json_encode}

However how can I sole my problem with multi language translation?

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in blockcart.php in assignContentVars method something like:

foreach ($products as &$product) {
    switch ($product['condition']) {
        case 'new':
            $product['product_condition'] = $this->l('New');

        case 'used':
            $product['product_condition'] = $this->l('Used');

If you're going to modify block-cart-json.tpl you may need to add mod='blockcart' to your translations.

Also, i'm not sure if logic of your {if}s is correct. It would be much easier to place this logic in blockcart.php (you can do that as an override) and assign already translated variable to your .tpl file.

  • to mage it as a public function in "blockcart.php " is a great idea. I thought about it before. But my php skills don't allow me to do that. I feel like I am going around all time by the right solution, perhaps I cant manage to get it. Can you please give me a hint of how to do it?
    – AndrewS
    Dec 13, 2018 at 9:46

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