Can anyone see why this isn't working?

Its trying to do; if Column Name Contains the text 'Andy', then make a column called Andy and set that row = to 1


You have to remove list, need only string:

df.loc[df['Name'].str.contains('Andy'),'Andy'] = 1

For multiple values chain by |:

df.loc[df['Name'].str.contains('Andy|George'),'Andy'] = 1

pd.Series.str.contains requires for its pat argument a "Character sequence or regular expression", not a list.

Just use Boolean assignment and convert to int. This will set unmatched rows to 0. For example:

# Name includes 'Andy'
df['Andy'] = df['Name'].str.contains('Andy').astype(int)

# Name includes 'Andy' or 'George'
df['Andy'] = df['Name'].str.contains('Andy|George').astype(int)
  • @fred.Schwartz, Yes, that's not valid regex for what you want. That's a separate question. – jpp Dec 14 '18 at 9:31

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