We have a application deployed on Jboss from which we call a R code.From the R code we call shell script which has the below copy statement which copies a file into a NFS Share mounted on the linux node.Users part of "somegroup" have the access to write into the NFS Share.

Shell Script starts


cp test.sh /nfs/share


I have printed the "id" before copy statement.

This prints the below during the application execution

uid=498(jboss) gid=496(jboss) groups=496(jboss),710(rjdev).....

However when I login to the linux node I gets the correct user group which we have recently changed

uid=498(jboss) gid=496(jboss) groups=496(jboss),65534(somegroup)....

Because of the incorrect group during application run I get Permission Denied error during application run.

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